Biomedical innovation for incurable neurological disorders


Repairing the Brain

Our technology and its related protocols are a new approach to the treatment of neurological diseases such as cerebral palsy, stroke, and traumatic brain injuries.

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J. Roberto Trujillo, M.D., and Sc.D., from Harvard University is our founder, Chairman, and CEO. Dr. Trujillo has worked in clinical and basic neuroscience research for over 25 years and has spent the last 10 years in translation research for brain regeneration technology.


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Our transformational medical technology is designed to stimulate brain regeneration, restoring the structure of the nervous system.


Our neural tissue engineering technology uses a combination of instantaneous magnetic fields and targeted radiofrequency (RF) waves. The protocol is non-invasive and safe with no known side effects.

We have recently completed a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study to​ evaluate the safety and efficacy of our biomedical technology in patients with cerebral palsy.

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We have a well-established clinical center in Monterrey, Mexico, in compliance with the FDA rules of “Good Clinical Practice” (GCP).

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