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Challenging the Dogmas of Medicine

We explore innovative solutions to repair the brain and cure the incurable

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We are NeuroCytonix, a pioneering biomedical technology company exploring innovative solutions to repair the brain and cure the incurable. Our core technology is designed to regrow neurons and their connective pathways, harnessing advanced regenerative medical science to restore lost brain functioning.


We strive to challenge the old dogmas of medicine that disorders of the brain are permanent and to bring hope to those living with neurological conditions and their families.

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J. Roberto Trujillo, M.D. Sc.D. founded NeuroCytonix in 2017 to advance his personal mission of curing the incurable. A Harvard University graduate, Dr. Trujillo spent over 25 years researching basic and clinical neuroscience.

In the last 10 years, his focus has been on translating neural regeneration research into technology that can directly help people living with neurological disorders. Through NeuroCytonix, Dr. Trujillo hopes to bring hope and real solutions to people with neurological disorders and their families.

Neurocytonix’s protocol takes a new approach to addressing conditions like cerebral palsy, stroke, traumatic brain injury, vascular dementia, autism, and the neurological consequences of COVID-19. The cutting-edge technology at the core of our work is designed to directly address the changes or injuries to the brain that cause incurable neurological disorders.

Clinical and imaging data suggest that we are regrowing the brain—a breakthrough in the field of regenerative medicine. By focusing on the cause of a condition rather than its effects, we provide a comprehensive option to improve the quality of life for people with neurological disorders.


The NeuroCytonix protocol uses a combination of magnetic fields and radiofrequency waves aimed at the affected parts of the brain. The protocol was designed to stimulate specific signaling pathways within cells, encouraging the repair of damaged neurons and the connections between them—called neural tracts—thereby restoring some of the lost brain function.

Mexican regulatory authority COFEPRIS has acknowledged the results of our clinical trial and approved our protocol for cerebral palsy.
Read our cerebral palsy press release


To learn more about our clinical trial, please check a full description at


Expanding on the success we’ve seen in cerebral palsy, we’ve recently received a regulatory approval letter from the ethical, scientific, and safety committees of Hospital La Mision in Monterrey, Mexico to launch a new clinical trial on autism. We will be examining the efficacy and feasibility of using the NeuroCytotron to improve symptoms in autistic children with higher support needs.

Read our autism press release

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NeuroCytonix operates a state-of-the-art clinical center in Monterrey, Mexico in compliance with the U.S. FDA’s guidelines for “Good Clinical Practice.” Established in 2018, NeuroCytonix Mexico was the site of the clinical trial on our cerebral palsy protocol. Our founder, Dr. Trujillo, was instrumental in the center’s creation and trained our researchers and technicians in the protocol procedures. People come from around the world for our protocols for cerebral palsy, TBI, autism, and COVID-19–related neurological complications.

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