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Open label research for
cerebral palsy

A NeuroCytonix and Sparo Foundation* Partnership
Donate for open label research on Cerebral Palsy

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Help with our first cerebral palsy program

NeuroCytonix has completed its first FDA-supervised, double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial. This trial measured the safety and efficacy of NeuroCytonix’s protocols for fifty Mexican children with cerebral palsy.  


Children who randomly received the treatment during the clinical trial showed significant improvements.


Now that the trial is complete, NeuroCytonix would like to provide care for the 25 children who received placebo treatments during the clinical trial. We are looking for financial support to for the children’s families who could not otherwise afford the treatment

Please click on the Donate button and become a donor to this worthy cause. Your donation will be tax deductible.

NeuroCytonix has partnered with Sparo Foundation

NeuroCytonix has selected Maryland based Sparo Foundation as its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partner to bring attention to and raise funds for children and adults with brain disorders. 

Sparo will assist NeuroCytonix in raising tax deductible donations from charities and individual donors to help children and adults suffering cerebral palsy and other neurological conditions. 

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*Sparo Foundation is the non-profit arm of Sparo Corporation. Sparo is a Microsoft for Startups company.

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